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Daf 45/150 air build up?

Hi guys
I have a ex MOD 52 plate Daf 45/150 that slowly builds up air on both tanks up to 5 bar, but wont go any higher , so needless to say brakes wont release and buzzer is on, there is no obvious air escaping from valves, brake chambers, etc, that i can hear or feel. and no air at handbrake ,Im presuming that would be the "second stage" build up, the Governor appears to be above the exhaust and is non adjustable its wired to ecu, i think.
Im a retired guy looking at this for a friend ,its a long time since i was a HGV fitter. any help much appreciated.thanks

August 2016
Hi k
Thanks for the reply, I think the pipe from compressor is steel, but will recheck, and i have no means to check the compressor other than it pumps to 5 bar, i'm thinking it could be multi circuit protection valve, on the air dryer, but open to suggestions
Thanks again

August 2016
have you checked the flexi hose/ pipe to chassis, this would only leak on charging when engine running, but when engine stopped you wouldnt hear a leak.[i'm assuming you have checked compressor and it is ok]?

August 2016


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