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Corsa 61 Reg Eco flex humming noise , ?

Hi I have a Vauxhall corsa 1.3 desil Eco flex 61reg it's got a humming noice coming from ,what sounds like wheel bearing , but Shen I roll it in neutral it doesn't make the noice , it sounds like under the engin , any one know what this could be pleassssse , it's driving me crazy the noise . Thank you Rebecca

April 2016
You usually hear wheel bearings when coasting in neutral,does the noise reappear when revving the engine? If so suspect alternator/tensioner problems, if the noise only appears when in motion then it may be worth jacking up each corner in turn and have a listen to the bearings when giving the wheels a spin, don`t discount the rear either,sometimes it can be deceptive as to the exact location of the noise itself.

April 2016


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