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I can only hear out of one of my earphones?

I am a medical transcriber. All of my equipment works very well EXCEPT I can only get volume out of one of the earphones. I've tried old ones and new ones. Nothing. AND, the same earphones DO work on other items such as computers, Ipod, Iphones, etc. Can you help me? Without it being a huge ordeal? Please and thank you.

February 2016
It may be that you have stereo earphones that work with other stereo equipment -your old earphones the same.

But the equipment you use - you do not say what it is - sends out only one channel - mono output - your earphones are fine.

Your equipment might have a failing second channel but it may also be working as it should - you do not say if it ever gave stereo two-channel sound. Your 'phones certainly do.

What does the manual say?

Good Luck...
February 2016

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