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Dyson DC33 VERY LOUD noise on some carpets?

Hi and thanks, just fixed me brush that wouldn't turn. Thanks to this forum done and dusted! Another thing, since day one certain rugs (silk type) the suction is too strong and the DC33 emits a loud noise until I lift it off the rug. Been happening since day one. As a consequence both my boys (19 & 21) refuse to vacuum for me!! Anyone else had this problem and is there something I should be doing to stop this?

Thanx :)

April 2015
Thank you for your answer and I do realise the boys are using this excuse but as they are both over 6ft in height and I am a mere 5ft 6ins I don't stand much of a chance getting them to do it do I .. lol

June 2015
If you block the inlet on a vacuum cleaner no air can get in - the load on a vacuum cleaner motor is air. With no air to shift the motor has no work to do - runs faster - makes a louder and higher-pitched sound.

Many cleaners have a control that reduces the suction - the issue you have is with the rugs that block the inlet rather than with the cleaner itself - it appears to be working properly.

On a social note you very probably have an issue with the two boys - at their age they should really not be scared of a noisy vacuum - I suspect that they're fooling you and using the noise as an excuse to get out of housework.

Good luck...
April 2015


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