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Garmins Nuvi 250?

Trying out my old Garmin Nuvi 250 (Replaced by my Nuvi 54LM ) it has the following problem since charging on all settings auto, bicycle, and pedestrian modes. are not working ie: Although the magenta route shows the vehicle image does not move from start and there is no route commentary. It was working last week then this morning charged it using Garmin mains charger and it showed image on screen and action as though it was connecting to a PC. Now nothing from the route other than the magenta line. Is there a reset like on my new Garmin Nuvi 54 LM.? I want to try that if so before contacting Garmin. Being honest I'm p****d 0f with Garmin over the new 54LM which in my opinion is faulty in their opinion 'Just do a reset' six times in the last 3 month with re-Occurring faults seems they are not interested as I bought it at Halfords couple months now beyond 1yr warranty and not through their website. other issues with it I won't go into.

Bob UK
September 2014


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