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How can I fix my lawn mower?

How can I fix my lawn mower? I have plenty of oil, and gas in it. When I pull the cord it seems to want to start but there is no ignition. I have a Murry 22" Briggs & Stratton 2 N 1 Combo mulch/discharge power by 4.Ohp Quattro Throttle - Free Design lawn mower.

April 2004
I have a lawn edger I bought for cheep (the engine hunts). I found someone had stretched the governor spring, how do I get it reset so it will idle smoothly?

February 2010
I own the same mower and I am experiencing a similar problem. I found that the governor idle spring on my mower was broken. I replaced it but the mower continued to surge. I'm taking mine in to a repair shop.

July 2005
like the first 5 seconds it runs good then black smoke starts missing runs real bad ?

stewart Hockenberry Sr,
June 2004
there is 2 things one the carb bowl is dirty which is most of the time your problem or the shut off cable is strech out
June 2004
I would start by checking the spark plugs since that causes the ignition. Like a car the Lawn mower needs to have good sparkplugs. It might just be a matter of cleaning them or getting new ones if they are rusted. Also I would check the oil filter too. Another thing that is good to check when you take the mower out after hibernation all winter. Good luck

May 2004
buy a new one

May 2004


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