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Fisher and Paykel MW511 PRIDE - Beeping and Stops?


MW511 has started to stop part cycle with an ascending beeping and lights flashing.

Rince and Fast Spin lights are blinking. Med water level light on, light after rince and spin lights on, regular light on. Rest off.

Found a post saying to 'hold cold wash button and press power button. Select spin up button until hold and slow lights showing.'
I did this, and the LED's along the top row were 2 off, 3 on, 3 off.

Any ideas what this is?


December 2013
Yes. It is not going to miraculously fix itself and come right by running it over and over again. Take the RPS out and check it for corrosion. Better still would be if you had the correct RPS test meter then you would know for sure. Either call out a service tech who would of had it diagnosed and fixed by now or else take the RPS out and check it visually and replace it if it looks doubtful. That will at least eliminate that possible cause.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
December 2013
Bah, spoke too soon. Just failed with the constant beeping again. This time with water in the machine, which all the previous times has not been the case. Same error code on the machine.

If I push Start, the lid lock light flickers like its surging, which doesnt look right.

Turn it off, back on again, put it to rince and start and it pumps the water out fine and carries on. Will see if it gets stuck again. This is only a half load too.

Lowered the water level and the spin speed, and see if that helps.

Still sound like that sensor to you?

December 2013
Thanks very much for that information, I will do that.

Just did 2 lighter loads and the machine worked fine, however doing a normal load it fails. When it failed, it did the musical tune with the same lights on as per the first post

"Rince and Fast Spin lights are blinking. Med water level light on, light after rince and spin lights on, regular light on. Rest off."

However last night when it failed, it would do the constant beeping.

Potentially 2 issues pointing to the same thing?
I believe the musical tune is more a user error, compared to the constant beeping which is a fault?

Does that indicate anything further to you?

Thanks again

December 2013
You seem to have all the info you require re fault code 56. My guess would be a faulty RPS. This model has issues with that part usually due to corrosion where the harness plugs on to the RPS. The RPS is an electronic device mounted on top of the copper wiring stator of the motor. You have to lie machine down on the front (put towel or mat to protect paint) remove rotor bowl and then 4 10mm bolts hold stator. Usually just need to loosen them off and pull stator down far enough to remove RPS.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
December 2013
56. (00111000) Phase 4 to 6 - Bowl Check No Valid Fault
While carrying out a bowl check, the machine has not been able to determine a
valid bowl status and so the Display flags this fault. This fault differs from fault 40
in that a valid bowl status could not be determined.
Phase 4 & 6
Primary Source: Loading.
Action: Remove items until the remaining ones can move freely,
or rearrange the load so that the clothes are evenly
distributed around the bowl, or select a higher water level.
If the load was to one side of the bowl or too heavy it can
be possible for the agitator to bind in one direction when
trying to sense bowl float.
Secondary Source: Mechanical.
Action: 1. Check the machine is not syphoning.
2. Check that there are no clothes or other foreign objects
preventing the clutch from re-engaging, and that there
aren’t any defects with the clutch mechanism.
3. Next check that the pressure tube has not come off and
that it is not kinked.
Tertiary Source: Rotor Position Sensor.
Action: Replace the Rotor Position Sensor.
Quaternary Source: Motor Control Module.
Action: Replace the Motor Control Module.

December 2013
OK that didnt end up working. Looks like it filled and emptied after a short wash, but either wouldn't go into rinse or it wouldn't go into spin, I am not sure. One of the two, definitely hasnt spun.

It was beeping, but this time the same beep over and over, about once a second. Continuously.

Got to the machine and it had 00111000 on the lights. I pushed start/pause button and it clicked, and the lid lock light flickered like it was surging. Stayed like that. Pushed the power button and it went off. I then checked the error status in diagnostics and it also said the same thing, 00111000.

Not sure what to do next.


December 2013
Beeping is a musical incremental set of notes, like 6 or so beeps in short succession rising in pitch.

Lights after entering diagnostic mode are from left to right 00111000 which I believe is Error Code 56.

I have just taken the agitator off and degunged it as it was pretty yucky, and degunged the bottom of the machine that the agitator sits on, along with the splined shaft etc. All is clean now, and reassembled. I just did a short wash just now and its filling currently, so will see if it gets stuck again.

Your input would still be appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance

December 2013
Ok to help you I need better info. Your description is very confusing. Firstly, there are 2 warning sounds. One is a constant beep, beep, beep. The 2nd is a more musical rippling sound, like when you 1st switch power on. Which one are you getting when the fault occurs? Secondly, saying the LED along the top 2 off, 3 on, 3 off means absolutely nothing if you don't say which side you are counting from. Each light has a different numerical value. Count from left to right and tell exactly which lights are on and which are off when it beeps.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
December 2013


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