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high idle speed - DPF?

just bought a skoda Octavia 1.6 tdi cr, 44000 miles.
now and again it will idle at 1000 rpm instead of the normal 750 rpm and runs a bit lumpy. switch it off then start it again and it idles fine at 750 rpm. info on the net says its the DPF regenerating but the car does a minimum of 100 mile a week on motorway, surely this would keep it clean. any ideas.Thanks

November 2013

If you suspect your DPF you may have to bite the bullet and go to the dealer to get them to put it on the diagnostic machine and run it through a clean cycle. The problem is that the previous owner may have run the car like driving Miss Daisy and that can clog the DPF up too much to clear itself normally. This is still much cheaper than a new DPF and will save you money by making the car more fuel efficient.


November 2013


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