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k,seal . good or no good ? ?

citroen c1 losing water ! I fitted a new radiator to my daughters c1 about 3 months ago & all has been well , until i checked the coolant level yesterday & it has dropped to the bottom of the tank ! no leaks , no mayo in the oil cap , no signs of water anywhere , no oil in the coolant ( head gasket ) , water pump dry , etc etc . Any suggestions as to the problem would be appreciated , but a friend of mine told me to put in some K,seal to stop the leak . Can anyone recommend this or is it a no go ? thanks in advance

January 2013
If you speak to a salesperson visiting workshops then they swear by their products,ours is no different and have tried their sealant and doesn`t appear to do any harm.The old type sealant came in a pellet form and found this to clog up and block coolant hoses,radiators and was more bother than it was worth and would highly recommend you dont put this crap into your system.The more modern sealant comes in liquid form and stays in suspension in your coolant system and only activates when in contact with air,hence sealing leaks but if your head gasket was at fault I don`t know if this would fix your problem.At the end of the day the best thing to do is to repair your leak properly but trying k seal may be worth a go.That is your decision,good luck.

January 2013


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