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How can I fix blower fan on my 2002 citroen C5?

I think my problem is quite common - 2002 citroen c5 -blower fan isn't working. When I switch the ignition on the fan display lights up for a few seconds but then switches off indicating that no blades are working - some heat does still come through the vents so I'm assuming its just the fan motor thats broken. What part am Ilooking for is it the module resistor ( or do I need to replace the whole unit? Lastly, where is this part located? i've read its either next to the pedals behind the trim or behind the glovebox near the rest of the fuses? is it easy to replace?

thanks a lot

September 2012
the ebay page doesnt work anymore so i cant see it, i have a 2002 c5 and can tell you the heator resister is glovebox side, i removed the glovebox, broke the pollen filter then yanked hard on a plug and out came the resistor by fluke, not reeally sure i had to remove the glovebox to be honist, if its this, dont go to citroen as its a £90 part, m just finding out if other modals are compatable, i.e c3 and picasso, these are £10 ish from ebay

January 2013
hi as i recall its about the size of a pack of cigarettes and is located by the pedals. Not to bad to change as long as your flexible about £40 couple of years back

October 2012

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