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kenmore ultrawash dishwasher model 665.15869990 control panel function?

Kenmore dishwasher model # 665.15869990, serial # FJ3302198. Sears Service tech invoice states cycle selector switch defective, parts no longer available. After paying for the service call and being told it cannot be fixed, I dismantled the door and looked for part numbers and searched the whirlpool site locating the Microcomputer Control part available, but nothing for the cycle selector switch. My question is will the cycle selector switch be part of the Microcomputer Control and by replacing it also be replacing the cycle selector switch? The part is $173.49. I've already wasted $75.00 for the service call and I fear wasting money only to find out that it does not correct the problem. (I don't have any faith in the tech since he did not even take the dishwasher apart and look inside. The only investigation he did was on the internet, and this was an afternoon service call on a Saturday when he perhaps had other things on his mind!) I find it hard to believe that parts are no longer available on a dishwasher that is only 10 years old. My previous Kenmore with a mechanical selector knob lasted 20 years!! Hi-tech expensive computer touchpad controls are not worth the $$$ they charge for them!!! Any help you can offer will be much appreciated!

July 2012

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