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How can I fix my Samsung american style fridge/freezer?

We have owned the Samsung american style fridge for just over 5 years and it has had the compressor changed within this time. The fridge has been out of use for over 3 months now as it ramps itself up to 7 degrees and the water pipe leading to the ice exchange is completely frozen so it cannot house any food. This was annoying but we could live with it but now we appear to have a major problem with the freezing compartment not cooling, Please can anyone help as we have 2 children and face losing all the food in the freezer if I can not resolve swiftly.. Any. help greatly aprreciated thanks Matt

Matt Brownridge
July 2012
samsung fridge freezer not cooling

i would call ally hes a samsung fridge freezer engineer and would be able to advise you on whats went wrong and how to fix it .

he can over night parts if required

October 2012

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