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Water ingress into drivers footwell Honda CR-v?

Have rainwater comming into the drivers footwell. It looks like it is comming in by the clutch peddal area. It is not dripping down from the screen.
Any helpfull ideas?

July 2012
If you have a sunroof then it is probably the drain chanels from there. Open the roof and they are either side at the front . Try a piece of Flexible wire down the tubes.

July 2012
I had a similar problem with a different car. You should check the water channels that allow water to flow from the windscreen.

The should be a couple of rubber drains coming from the plenum these can become blocked and allow wat to spill over to undersirable areas. Try poke through them with a wooden spoon.

If this is your problem you will know when you clear the blckage and a pint of crap flows out.

July 2012


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