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samsung bada GT S8350 ?

When i wanted to start my phone it wouldn't go past the starting screen of BADA. Eventually, the phone would restart itself over and over again. When I connect the phone with a pc is gets a blue screen with the following statement: platform so checking is failed platform so modification is detected. As a mentioned earlier, i've searched for this problem and read a lot about it but a clear solution is not mentioned anywhere. Also the steps to Recover the firmware by using the download mode is not helping either. I can't get a connection between my pc and the phone. My recognizes the phone, but Kies keeps showing 'connecting'
Is this a problem that can't be solved? Is it really necessary to send the phone to the service department of Samsung? I saw that this problem is already occured in 2010 so I was hoping that there would be a solution by now. I hope someone can help me or can give me a clear conclusion on what i should do.

June 2012

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