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Samsung fridge freezer issue MODEL SR-S2028 CVW?

I have a Samsung american style fridge model SR-S2028 CVW , It keeps cutting out the digital display does not change but you can tell that the fridge and freezer compartments are getting warmer.

If I turn the power off for a few seconds then turn back on the display then changes showing actual temperatures and you then hear the fridge running and it starts to work (fridge and freezer start to cool) I may have to switch it off 2 to 3 times a day.

Any Ideas ?

May 2012
hi common fault on srs model , ie works ok for a while then switchs of - and if you switch of and on it will work ok for 4-5 hours ,

call ally for overnight dispatch of srs repair kit , hes very helpfull and is a samsung tech ..

tel 07407 734 204

May 2012

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