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How to fix Creda condenser t620cw?

I've tried the t.o.c s, the relay, heater. I'm not getting a live to the heater, I have a nuetral but no live. I'm thinking it must be the programmer, has anyone had this fault.

March 2004

September 2015
Hi my dryer will not start it was working when I last used it what could be the problem.

July 2014
got a creda dry simplicity . I turned it on and all works but not getting hot . I replaced the x2 thermostats at the back of the machine and cleaned everything out but still not getting hot ? any help would be great help


December 2013
Thank you everyone. I had same problem with Creda T620 dryer cutting out and not starting for some time and cutting out again. The relay was faulty but reading other reviews was not sure if the thermostat was gone. Simple test put it in cool down part of timer if it cut's out it's the relay if not it's the thermostat. Ordered relay part no 210-6661 from rs components £8.81+vat works fine cheers.

December 2010
My dryer now makes the most annoying 'squeeking' like it is a bearing, my other half has had a look, but cant see, it is going to be 8 years old next month, do you reacon it is worth doing anything or should I just go for a new one?

February 2010
Can confirm after dryer kept cutting out that after replacing relay from RS part number 210 6661,everything seems to be ok now.

February 2010
I just replaced the relay, as was suggested on this website, and it appeared to have fixed my problem of the dryer cutting off after a few minutes.

I sourced the relay from a local shop, as I was concerned that the same part can be found to have different amounts of connectors. The one I replaced had six connectors. There were others seen on various images on website with more connectors. It may be useful the know for others faced with this issue if all the relay's connectors are generic and work on all situations. Otherwise, I'd have bought it from RS too - as it was a lot cheaper.

March 2009
had the same problem can confirm it as the relay and ordered part no 210-6661 from rs components £7.81+vat works fine cheers.

February 2009
phil ur problem if u have chaned the timer and the rely check if the drum is rubbing on any wires or even a brack in the wire

October 2008
Mine ran for a few minutes then cut off, replaced relay bought cheaply on ebay £12 ...Now works fine.....

February 2008
my drier cuts out after about 10 minutes, many of you suggest the relay but do these machines have a thermal cut out switch on them and could it be that. I will go for the relay as a couple of you say this has worked. I will get a qualified electrician to fit it for me

September 2007
I have the same problem ordered a new relay from R.S.Components pt no 210-6661 only £7.50 bargin.Hope it fixes the problem.

March 2005
I had the same problem dryer tripping out after a few minutes replaced the relay as suggested now works again. Thanks to you all you have saved me a a new dryer (they dont mend creda dryers over here in Oz)
The relay creda sent me was a general purpose industrial relay
SCHRACK RM505730 made by tyco try you may be able to buy it direct at a cheaper cost

October 2004
Had the same problem. Its the relay unit. Change this and the machine works perfectly again. Hotpoint spares line sells it for about £25. be careful when ordering though as hotpoint sent me stuff for the t602cw. Twice!!

September 2004
Well I've frigged it. Short out the two wires going to the relay contacts (not the relay power) and everything seems to be ok. It hasn't melted yet but i'll be keeping an eye on it.

I knew an ian firth from the raf. you him?

June 2004
Ive replaced the timer and the TOC's so its not them Still the same problem, power being removed from the relay causing it to stop prematurely. I can't see what else has an input to this to remove the voltage latch that comes from the timer. A real gremlin this one.

June 2004
I am having the same problem i.e the b..y unit trips after 30 s or abt a minute. Damn these things that havent got a wiring diagr. inside the lid.. :((

June 2004
The likley fault that causes the dryer to cut off after a few minutes is a faulty relay itself

E Lambert
May 2004
I replaced the timer unit & it worked for a while, right up and til the point i moved it round to off. after that its the same problem again. I think its blown but no idea why.

April 2004
I have exactly the same fault as Ian. Something is triping the relay after a set period. I've gone for the timer unit (£30 from hotpoint) as it connects to the power side of the relay. Its a shame hotpoint/creda no longer have a technical helpdesk.

April 2004
im having problems with mine too,it goes for about 30 seconds then trips and then works again after five minutes and trips again,let me know how you get on.

April 2004


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