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Car Not Starting Jaguar 2003 X type 2.0 petrol?

Slowed down at junction. Car cut out. Will not re-start. When you turn the key engine not turning over. Vehicle Electrics not working. Only the side lights and horn working.

September 2011
Take particular attention to battery terminals,which can be corroded even if they appear secure & also to connection from battery negative to earth, can be to engine or chassis, or to starter motor.

September 2011
Side light and horn, only take small current. Check your battery, check leads from battery etc, check all fuses, (doubtful, but check). possible loose connector, Next ignition switch, power goes to ignition, to be distributed around, starter, is from one point of ignition switch, via a relay. most ccts come from ignition switch. check connections.

September 2011

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