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garmin nuvi 250?

Is there a way of cutting or switching off predicted street names in my Garving nuvi 250.

It's a pain in the arse when you enter first few letters of the road/street you seek and the list comes up excluding the one you look for.
It's fine if you have post code and property number entered those and it came up so it lied when it didn't show in the first search list.

I had this in France and nearly slung it out of the window, half the time we had to refer to the paper map. I got fed up her telling me 'In 100yds turn right' when on several occasions, one local, there was no right turn just a bend in the road.
Just for the record as this is a world forum I'm in UK.

August 2011
Garmin replied 'Unfortunately no there isn't ' however I was given wrong town name for address search which resulted in the appearance of only one road in 'predicted' street/road names list and of course not the one I wanted. Putting in correct town name the address came up. So now I've got the tool I wanted I'm off to repair my garage roof.

August 2011


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