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Mountfield SP474?

The mower works fine apart from the self propelled
mechanism,which does not seem to do anything when
you engage the clutch I have tried adjusting it.Does
anyone no if a maintenance manual is available,or can
offer any advice.
Thanks Alan

Alan Flower
April 2011
Hate is a very strong emotion, perhaps the mower has picked up on your extreme dislike towards it and is trying to teach you an important life lesson. Try and show the mower love and I'm sure it will work fine. Failing that get a new drive belt.

Mower man
April 2021
i try to service my mountfield sp474l lawnmower i take all the parts eg. wheels,gears,lock pins insides, before i start doing this the mower working perfect then when i put all back together the self propelled was stop working,,, what i have done wrong on it? pls give me some idea thanks soo much

vic colis
September 2012
If you look under the mower, above the blade you will see a plastic cover, remove this (you'll have to remove the blade too) to see the state of the drive belt. It's probably broken or slipped off the drive mechanism. It's not difficult to replace, but if you are not sure take it to a garden machinery place. They shouldn't charge more than half and hours labour, the belt is less than £10.

May 2011
my drive wheel has started to continually fall off! any ideas how i can stop this??? i keep looking but cant see why its doing it....... i hate this mower!!! most unreliable mower ive ever owned :(

May 2011


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