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Scantronic 4600?

I have a Scantronic 4600 alarm and have a few queries.

1. I have a Scantronic 4605 UK-55 remote device but this seems to be able to set the alarm but not unset it. The previous owner of the house suggested it should unset it also which makes sense, but we cannot get it to work. Any ideas anyone?!

2. We had a new door put in earlier today and the fitters removed the alarm sensor from the old door. The sensor is currently not fitted on the door and the alarm went off with a tamper message. We are about to go out for the rest of the day and night, if we leave the door sensor on a shelf out of the way will it continue to go off (I hope not as the inlaws won't be happy!).

I noticed if I try and set the alarm it complains and the tamper light flashes so how is this put back to normal?

Thanks in advance I hope,


January 2011
nuffin,sorry got my guys mixed up,mia culpa :-( but am sure you would have said same as acorn,:-)

January 2011
What did I say then?


January 2011
as for the handset,it has to be programmed via the panel what to do.or should i say ,the panel has to be prog

January 2011
there is a tamper switch on rear of the sensor,if you do as alarm guy says,replace it back on the door,then prob solved,if you dont put it back on,then you will have to tape up the tamper switch.why not just put it back on door??

January 2011

2. If the door contact had been removed / replaced correctly you would not be in this position.

There's your problem.


January 2011


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