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how to replace front sidelight bulbs on a kia sorento?

how do you replace the front sidelights on my sorento ,there appears to be only two screw back lidsfor the headlights and main beam when you take out the light fitting and an indicator bulb

January 2011
On the second generation, pre-facelift, Sorento model, 2009 to 2014 in UK, I found just lifting the bonnet and unscrewing the cap behind the sidelight gained access to the connector and bulb holder. Just pull back lightly on the connector and the bulb and holder assembly is revealed. Extract the old bulb replace with the new and reverse the above process to refit.

November 2021
You need to remove the whole headlamp assembly, it's held in by 3 bolts, remove the bolts and pull the whole assembly FORWARD - some effort is required as the assembly is also held in place by a plastic clip on the bottom of the assembly, (be careful not to rip out the wiring as it comes free) the assembly will now come far enough forward for you to access the side light holder under the access covers the bulb holder is a straight push fit - you may well need long nose pliers to pull it out as the access covers only allow the smallest of fingers inside.
Anybody thinking this bad design by Kia is correct.

Grease Monkey
March 2011

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