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samsung e700 phone works makes/recieves calls but screen display .....?

Samsung E700 PHONE WORKS MAKES/RECIEVES CALLS BUT SCREEN DISPLAY REMAINS BLACK. What could be the possible fault on it? and how can i fix it? pls help. its a nice phone that id like to use...thanks

December 2010
This is not an aswer. This is just a support to the statement i just made recently.

While I was cleaning this phone, and open and close the clamp shell, i saw something on the glass screen, and i read "insert simcard" for my view, if that would appear whenting fine. But then when you turn it open, it goes of. So i closed it again, and it appears....then off....

is it possible that the fault is the connector? If someone could confirm, then i have to find out how to replace the connector and where to find it. I want to fix it by id like to find an answer.hope someone could be here to guide me,


December 2010


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