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where is citroen C5 heater resistor located?

citroeon C5 heater motor not working from switch motor works with direct power. Where is heater resistor located

November 2010
where is citroen c5 2005 heater resistor is located

bernard infanti
August 2017
Hi I'm trying to find the heater motor resistor on my citroen c5 bj55 zya but unable to locate it.
I have looked under and around the drivers side as well as around the passenger side.
Someone told me it was in the motor housing but removed heater motor and its not on that so I'm stuck.
Please help

kevin richardson
July 2017
My 2001 C5 Right Hand Drive has it located in the passenger footwell. Just pull back the carpet under the dash and look up to the back of the console. The loom connector has a red sliding tab which is easily prized with a screwdriver. The resistor is held in with 2 screws. Problems locating a replacement as there are several variants.

Denis D
September 2016
Note that the heater resistor pack on a fully digital, climate control heater as fitted to the 2009 onward C5 Exclusive is NOT on the drivers side but on the passenger/left side. It is a different part number and unit to the non digital version heater on VTR or VTR+ models. It is right up by the bulkhead behind two alloy pipes and next to impossible to touch. I can see mine or I can feel it but removing the connector plug and twisting the resistor to get it out is mighty difficult and so far, impossible. I have therefore booked the car into my local Dealer to £153 quoted labour costs but whilst a simple task on a bench, in the car?....over to those with a workshop manual and bravery! After that the car is off to a new owner if the fan works..anything else means total dashboard removal at c£800 plus!

January 2016
Thanks Bob K.
Once out how can it be tested?

January 2014
Try here

To remove the heater fan resistor switch:

Remove the screen from under the glove box - 1 Torqx screw on the left, a turn button in the centre. Once you've undone these, pull screen out of the locator slide on the right.

Find the red clip on the back of the heater housing and pull it down to release.

Remove the plug (the fan will now only function at top speed).

Look at the plug casing and there should be two empty screw holes (top and bottom) if there are screws in them (remove). The resistor switch is held by plastic clips (1 back, 2 front).

Release the clips and pull out the resistor switch (easier said than done). I released the back clip and by applying gentle pressure, managed to lift the switch housing out of the front clips, however, please be aware that you may bend the internals by doing this. I did.

Whilst you are down there it may pay to replace the heater filter. It is just in front of the resistor switch housing. It's the upright rectangular door with the diagonally opposed 6mm screws. Just undo them and remove the filter.

December 2010
Just had the pedal side apart and although I can see a fixing point as described elsewhere, no wires, no module and no hole for the pack to slide into is cut in the molding.
Checked the harness routing from the fan speed switch and it appears to be on the passenger (left side) but I cannot find it. HELP PLEASE! 2003 2.0HDi VTR.

December 2010
it's located in the heater unit on the drivers side next to pedals it's identified by 2 thick red and 2 thick black wires and a couple of thinner wires and is held in place with 2 small hexagon screws

bob k
December 2010
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