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Broken door trim for zanussi TD 520 AL?

I recently went to open my tumble dryer and the handle snapped off the door trim.

I am now having to pop the door open with the end of a spoon.

As it is an old bit of kit (which I only paid 40 quid for) I do not want to spend much on a fix. However, it is a great machine that works really well so I am reluctant to throw it out given that it still works very well.

I have seen replacement door trim on the internet but they are all white (and cost 30 quid) and I need a brown one.

Does anyone have any idea where I could source the part in brown and how to then change the trim?

ALternatively, does anyone have any suggestions of another way I could fix it easyily as I do not think that super glue is going to do the job....

Many thanks in anticipation

November 2010

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