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Siemens SE25M575GB/36 dishwasher not starting cycle?

I recently bought a second hand Siemens SE25M575GB/36 dishwasher but it's suddenly stopped working. If I turn it on, I can select the cycle and it appears to start as it makes a whirring noise but it doesn't fill up with water. Sometimes the timer ticks down and others, it just stays at the start time. My husband is a kitchen fitter so has checked all the pipework and water connection but has found no blockages or problems. It wasn't draining properly every time before this happened but apart from that, it just stopped working all of a sudden - an ideas?

October 2010
just had the same problem with mine....the dishwasher filling will be controlled by an electrical valve called a solenoid valve like this one this is probably the part we need

September 2014
Hi, Emma
This is not an answer, but have you had any solution yet ??
Just bought the same model, having the same problem !!
Would appreciate any ideas.
Thank you and Regards

February 2011

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