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Error message E60 on John Lewis Condensor Tumble Dryer?

John Lewis Condensor Dryer Model JLTDC01

Although the dryer goes through it's cycle and heats it is not drying the clothes and error message E60 shows on the display plus the alarm sounds. Can you help please

September 2010
Just had the E60 error on a JLDV02 model. A good vacuum clean of the fluff filter at the bottom of the door opening, the removable filter in the door, and the recess in which it goes seems to have cured the problem.

Stan Dwellback
April 2013
clean the condensor out using a hose or pressure washer.if the machine doesn't heat up correctly it throws an E60.It could also be faulty heater,faulty stat or faulty pcb.lets hope its a blocked condensor issue!

September 2010
I am not familiar with this machine, and don't know what E60 means. But, have you checked the lint filter? I suggest you check this to see if it is full of fluff. This would prevent the free flow of air through your machine, thus preventing the damp air passing out of it. Check the filter and clean it if necessary, then replace it. (check this before-use every time) I hope it is as simple as that. best of luck.

September 2010

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