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Zig Zag mechanism not working on Frister and Rossmann Beaver 4?

Please help.
I have a Frister and Rossmann - Beaver 4 sewing machine. The machine can do straight stitches, but nothing else. The needle doesn't move in the zig zag motion. Now that I have thoroughly oiled the machine, I can see parts moving when the special stitch dial is turned for different stitches, this wasn't that noticeable before I oiled it.

What I have noticed, when I opened the top:
What I think is a zig zag cam, there is an elbow arm leading to it, under the elbow of the arm there is a screw with a metal wire tied under it, but this small wire ties to nothing else.

Also with the top off, when you move the width selector to the highest setting which is 4 I notice a tiny hole for which a screw needs to be housed (by the way the width works)

Please note everything else works, just not the special stitches.

September 2010
Finally I have fixed it!! Thanks for your assistance anyway.

September 2010
OK, thanks. I was hoping to fix myself......

Can I send you a pic? I feel I'm so close.. If not, thanks for your help, I guess I must accept defeat and hand it in.

September 2010
Hello Bel.
It does sound as the though the spring has broken but it is one one those problems that needs to be looked at physically to find the problem.

September 2010


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