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citroen xsara picasso dashboard lights flicker dim to bright?

i have a citroen xsara picasso on a 52 plate, and the dashboard lights constantly flicker from dim to bright? any ideas? i thought alternator, but apparently the headlights would flicker also?? citroen service recommend without seeing the car that i replace dash or re-wire which isnt cheap, hoping for an easier solution to be honest.

dan b
August 2010
i have the same problem with will be driving along and suddenly the head lights will come on and the dash lights dim. the same happens when i use the indicators they will stop flashing and head lights will come on then go off, i've read somewhere that the problem is the stalk controls. as a quick fix drive with your side lights on as this will stop it from happening until you get replacement stalks from a scrappy. good luck

August 2010

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