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Mistral Frost Free Fridge Freezer (FFA74P or FF92LV ???)- Not cooling down?

My Hotpoint Fridge Freezer has been working perfectly, over the past 6 to 8 weeks the fridge department has been getting warmer and warmer – obviously the food is going off very quickly. The Freezer department works fine, everything frozen as it should be. What can I do abut the temperature of the fridge, how do I cool it down again or fix the problem. Also how do I adjust the freezer temperature (when required)?
Hotpoint told me to go to to get a service manual; I can’t seem to find that either. Can someone please help me?

June 2006
I had the same problem with a Hotpoint FFA90 Fridge/Freezer
and almost incurred a big call out charge but was mystified by
the slow onset of the problem. After re-reading the user bumf
I decided to remove all goods from the freezer and store them under blankets in acool place. I then switched freezer off and
left it off for a few hours to allow all ice behind rear panel to
thaw and then put all food back and powered it up again.
Next morning all was well and fridge compartment temperature
was as it should be.

August 2006

you might find the manual here. i have the same problem. good luck!

July 2006
more likey to be fault with thermistors if need one email

June 2006
Hi Paul
Sounds the same as my LG (see my question). Found out a bit this weekend. First of all defrost for 24hours then you can turn on and it should get cold. Then if on maximum cold turn down to medium - you won't notice the difference but that may help.

Julia Gallaway
June 2006


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