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How do i fix my system 4216s?

It seems that many people are having the same problem as me with their Goodman system, when i try and play a cd a message is displayed saying- no cd found, i have a feeling its something to do with the laser. Come on Goodmans this fault is becoming quite common for people that own your system 4216s, we need an answer from you on how to repair this fault, and replacement part or parts sent to us.

Cliff Lockyer
July 2010
The disc changer maybe out of alignment. Ask someone who knows what they are doing to take off the upper casing and have a look inside.

I myself disassembled the top part. Plugged it back in then tried all the discs, changing them around until I identified the problem. I also used the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, and a cotton bud
(q-tip) to clean the laser eye. Once everything was working I screwed it back together while it was still playing.

Slightly dangerous I know, but I wore rubber gloves the whole time.
Hope this helps. I was searching for ages for a fix to this, so I am posting this to help anyone else who may be looking.

May 2014

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