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How do you unstick a pull cord on a petrol lawnmower?

My pull cord has come all the way out and won't go back in, how do I unstick it? Will I have to take bits apart?

February 2004
petrol lawnmower - when i try to pull the start cable to start it will not move at all, unscrewed the top bolts to release the cord container, the cord moves freely but when screwed back on it wont move at all.

April 2010
Hi Jeny, well mine went in and wouldn't come out so I took the cover off (there are five bolts holding it on) When it was off it ran freely, so I unreeled the amount I needed and put it back together. Seems to be working fine now but I don't know what caused it to seize in the first place, althought there was quite a lot of grass caught up around the blade and fan belt underneath.

Sarah Lancaster
June 2004
fix a broken one

June 2004
i have a murry push lawn mower. I have only had it one year, and now the black pull cord will not pull or turn the engine over. It is like it is stuck. What do I do? My husband told me not to mow, and I am trying to fix this before he comes home. Please help.

May 2004
IF you are mechanically inclined, take off the cover, and see if you can get the cord to rewind. The idea is to determine if the rewind spring is broken, or cord merely jammed. If necessary you can GENTLY pull one of the tabs up holding the pulley in place. Do not break off, and do NOT use extra tabs unless you do break one. If spring is broken, or pulley is worn, you need to buy a replacement spring & pulley and replace. CAUTION if 3 tabs break off, you are off to a repair shop.

J. Fitzpatrick
April 2004


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