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What do 2 flashing lights on Indesit Dishwasher D41 mean?

The first 2 programme lights are both flashing together after about 5 minutes into the programme. The washer is filled with water and the programmes seems to just stop. Normally only one light is on at a time all the way through entire programme. We can't find instruction manual and wondered if anyone knew what these lights mean?

Karen Earsman
November 2004
sorry not: shawn but Sean (Galvin)

A watson
February 2012
Had the same problem and follow Shawn's instruction, and yes there was some glass and bit of 'bone' in the drainer. Now working fine. Thanks Shawn

A watson
February 2012
I have one of these D41 dishwashers, its now about 4 years old "God only knows how it made it this far" but I also had the two first flshing lights thing, it would fill up, wash but not empty so it had to be something to do with the drainage pump, this morning i took it apart and tryed turning the drainage pump propeller with a screwdriver, its hardley moved at all to begin with but then freed up, I then tipped it up and knocked it gently on the floor a couple of times and some small shards of broken glass dropped out, I put it all back together again and now works like new........ish.

Sean Galvin
August 2006
Check to see if your waste outlet is blocked. This can cause it to stop

November 2004


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