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dyson dc16 intermittant working?

our dc16 stops and starts working even when fully charged.
is it the battery? if so how much?

April 2010
Des, could you describe which pins you jumped? Looking head-on at MB with finger up and wide part of MB to the right. One pin up with 2 pins on bottom.

April 2017
Just done this and it worked for me.

February 2017
Could you describe the A and C pins for me. Am I looking for those letters because my motherboard doesn't have them. After removing the sensor at the top of the extension of the board I have 3 pins same as a therefore symbol. I have connected the top one and the one lower down and to the right but still the same.

January 2017
This fix did not work for me. Any other ideas? I have the same issue still cuts outin seconds

February 2016
Brilliant, Hyflyer. I cut the top connection with a scalpel, then work hardened the two other connections and they snapped off cleanly after two to three waggles. Discarded the sensor and used a blob of solder, with a not so fine soldering iron, to connect A & C. Hey presto, our DC16 now works perfectly again, after two years sitting in the garage! Many thanks.

Scott Hansell
January 2015
The failed part is a Hall Effect sensor type TLE4913 by Infineon.
Most decent component suppliers stock the part.

September 2014
Hey HyFlyer - many thanks for your great post for fixing DC16. Does exactly what it says on the tin!
Working great now, no more cutting out - well done for taking time to write the post! Cheers!

August 2014
No it still turns off after a minute or so and the red led flashes, not all the leds.

March 2013
i had this problem and i cured it by cleaning the sensor located on the filter with a rub of fine emery . the sensor is very small and located on the inside of the filter at the bottom and its about 2mm diameter. easy to spot. my machine now seems to be working fine and holding its charge. good luck

March 2013
It is not the battery . Its a failed eprom sensor on the motherboard A simple fix using only a #6 torx and a very fine soldering iron . Remove the small sensor on the finger end of the motherboard and solder a jumper from pin a to c . A being the top pin and C is the right side pin , looking from the topside of the motherboard.

February 2011


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