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auto gearbox fault?

Renault Modus 2005 1.6 16v Automatic, When changing gear the vehicle jolts and and the spanner light and message reads check transmisson.

Ian Sayers
February 2010
Ordinary code scanners won't read Renault gearbox codes ,
The gearbox has a counter for the condition of the fluid it needs to be reset ,
These units suffer from solinoids problems the old ones have a white plastic molding on the top Borg warner ones are black but you have to have the software updated or its back to square one ,
Make sure you only USE FULLY SYNTHETIC FLUID , good luck with that one they are typicly French dealer only unless you rearly know what your doing !

peter hicks
August 2015
Read codes with decent scanner and take a look at live data. Post results for more help

February 2010

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