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How can reset the time on Ferguson DAB radio/CD player, FRG-CR150D?

The time, which should be set automatically, is constantly resetting itself to a different time. Tried switching it off for a while to reset, but doesn't work.

January 2010
Do you have an instruction manual still Christine?

April 2013
Not sure if you still have the manual, but it states for Clock Setting - when the unit is connected to the power for the first time, it will be in Standby, the red Standby indicator will come on and the display will show "00:00", the clock will become active and start to count. Press the STANDBY button once to switch on the unit, it will automatically enter into the DAB mode and perform DAB auto tune full scan function, after the scan has finished the first alphanumerically found station will be automatically selected. The clock will then be synchronized to the current local time within 2 minutes. Manual clock setting is not required.......... I wonder if the time is messed up if you have been using the appliance as a wake up alarm otherwise? You could try re-setting it to the Factory reset perhaps - do the following - unplug the unit from mains, press and hold the SELECT button when re-connecting the unit to the mains again. Release the button until you see the "System reset" displayed in the LCD. The unit will perform "Autotune Full Scan". When the search is complete (around one minute, depends on the number of stations), press the SELECT button together with the select up or down arrow buttons to choose your preferred stations, then press select. NB, all your stored DAB and FM presets will be lost once the reset has taken place. This may sort out the clock as well. My radio has unfortunately 'died' which really upset me as I loved it, and cannot now replace it with the same. Good luck.

Christine Rudge
February 2010


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