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Firebird Oil Fired Boiler problems?

We have a Combi 70 Firebird Oil Fired Boiler and have problems with lock outs (this happens everyday). In January we had the boiler serviced and also had the thermostatic mixing valve changed. The lock outs have continued and now the water pressure keeps dropping.

Has anyone experienced similar problems or can you offer a solution?

November 2009
i have firebird enviromax boiler that cut out and the limit stat light is on

Thomas Davies
December 2022
Be very careful. I have had all of these problems, Firebird are really bad and fob you off as you say. A day after having mine serviced my Carbon Monoxide alarm went off and there was smell of burning. I had no option out of hours but to send for the fire brigade.
When the H&V engineer came back he said the filter cup at the bottom had cracked and spilled debris (and oil). The replacement was stainless steel not the plastic original. The engineer concluded that they had had faults with these and had therefore changed to steel. Be careful have these filters checked and have the plastic removed and replaced by stainless steel. I have had my boiler just three years and it has been faulty since the getgo. But it has always been blamed on the installer. Please be careful and do not buy another Firebird. I was refused insurance as they were considered rubbish. I have had 6 bits replaced not counting the filter cup.

December 2019
My firebird is not clicking off when my timer goes off, it's staying on so I've had to turn it of at the wall, anyone had this problem

Kim clark
October 2014
If your system is running a lot of radiators (our is) you may need a bigger expansion tank. We had the one in the boiler taken out and a much larger one fitted in the system. It now holds pressure very well.

S Chamberlain
May 2012
my pump is making a loud noise combi firebird 90

August 2010
Hi .. have a Firebird (external type) numerous problems here's a list and hopefully some solutions :-
1. Burner going off after a few seconds .. flue not extended correctly.
2. No hot water flow ... lock valve on cold input collapsed.
3. Boiler not igniting .. sooted opto .. remove Rielo cover & ease out to clean.
4. Upstairs radiators warm when only using hot water .. plastic lock valve collapsed/damaged.
5. Leak through h/w flow switch .. replaced
6. Adjusting h/w temp to high makes water cold ?? I think something is reversed.

Mike Miles
August 2010
Hello Andy
We have similar problems with our Firebird combi oil-fired boiler. It worked well for 2 years - we've had it for 4 - but since then has been nothing but problems, firing up and then going out. At present, no hot water, no heating! We've been through 2 experienced engineers/plumbers but the second one has just about given up. As people above have said, Firebird themselves are no help whatsoever.
Where do we go from here?

May 2010
hello andy,
have firebird combi 70 boiler and yet again the fuel pump has gone. fourth time in 35 months. this one lasted 6 months. if this is not bad enough the plumber has not been to sort it out. was going to contact firebird tommow but sounds like that may be a waste of time. plumber did say it was because of the sulpher being taken out of the fuel, which was a lubricant. have you heard the same? wrote to the pump manufacturer but have not had a reply

February 2010
Hello Andy

I have the same problem in that the lock outs occur daily and the water pressure keeps dropping. The pressure drop has always been a problem but I cannot find any leaks anywhere throughout the house?!?

We are also now having problems getting any hot water. I too have had the boiler regularly serviced and nothing seems to help. In particluar Firebird are a total waste of space. If you speak to them they just fob yopu off with any old garbage - I think the answer is in future don't buy a Firebird I am sure I wont!!!!!!

Darren Wood
December 2009

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