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how can i fix my samsung soul u900 it keeps crashing???

Ive had my phone for only a couple of months and only recently ive been having trouble with it. whenever i turn it on i have a blank screen and i have to take the battery out whilst it is still on put it back in and then turn it on, i have to do this several times before it actually works!! extremely frustrating!! please can someone help????? please!!!!!

September 2009
i lost my phone and called up and reported it lost and they blocked it a few days later a put the box for the phone in the bin and then a week after that a found my phone behinde my fish tank lol but now i dont have the box or the codes on the box that i need to get it unblocked help me plzzzzz

thomas jnr
October 2009
the phone most likely needs to be flashed its proberly somthing to do with the software and needs upgrading. hope this helps.

September 2009

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