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Gardenline (from Aldi) leaf blower 2007 version?

I need a replacement zipped collection bag. Manufacturer (Omegawolf) have gone out of business. Any ideas please?

Sue E.
September 2009
Hi Sue, I have the 2005 version and my zip has just broken. I've just asked an Ebay contact who makes the bags, how much. Suggest you do the same.

Norman Clarke
March 2010
I require a operators or owners manual to assemble vac. component box did not contain one

October 2009
I also need a new bag for mine as the zip has never been any good and has finally packed in. I feel Aldi have some responsibility in this as the machine works perfectly. Has anyone put pressure on them?

David Jackson
October 2009
No, tried going through Aldi and the number they gave me is no longer connected! Tried various other firms and I keep going round in circles. Aldi stuff is good but you can't get spares.

October 2009
I am also looking for a collection bag for same model The bag is OK but the plastic connector on the bag which connects to the main vacuum has split and cracked so will not stay connected when turned on..... have you managed to find a part supplier ?????

September 2009


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