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my computer do not reconigze my digital camera ,EMPREX DSC 7200Z ,MODEL?

my computer do not reconigze my camera EMPREX DSC 7200Z ,MODEL , MAYBE BECOUSE I NEED THE SOFTWARE ,IF YES , HOW I CAN GET IT OR FIND ONE .

September 2009
never mind the camera- take the card out, and use a cheap card reader to connect your data to the computer.... PC/Mac doesn't matter....any card containing digital photo files should be readable if you do it this way.

October 2009
Yes you will need software - and most software is free on line -but- I always use a memory card reader ( which is very cheap ) so I dont need to wonder where my usb lead is
I use a multi card reader which suits all my friends and familys various cards and use Nero software to edit / etc but again various photo software is free on line

pc 6493
September 2009
WHy not just put the card in an SD card reader. MOst laptops and PC's have them these days or buy a USB one on ebay for a few pounds.

September 2009


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