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Having issues with a Belling dishwasher IDW 603?

Hi i have recently had issues with a belling dishwasher IDW 603, every time i set it to wash the dishes it starts up fine but then 5 minutes later it beeps like a smoke alarm running out of batteries ! (although slightly amusing after seeing lee evans on his new dvd !) it has become slightly disappointing as we end up having to wash the dishes ourselves !!!! the problem seems to be E5 (i'm assuming it means error 5 )which flashes up on the indicater panel. Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it ?

February 2006
Hi having a problem with the door will not close and the plastics hing has come off

Kathleen shave
June 2016
Hi having cleaned the top of the door with a damp cloth I am now getting a continuous bleeping noise and an error of c-1??? Pls help thanks

December 2015
The other day the dish washer would not empty it's waste water. So I removed and cleaned the filter and cleaned out the pipe connecting the sink waste system.
I then switched on to do a cycle but I could only use P4. The washer seemed to work but didn't sound like it was using fresh water. I left it running for a while but no change. I think it's broken can you help me please? I would like to obtain a instruction manual so a could diagnose the fault. Many Thanks

MATT Lucas
July 2013
My Belling IDW603 dishwasher does not run when the programme is started. The programme code just flashes and it beeps when you close the door but then nothing happens.

Please help!

June 2013
the water is not pumping out i have tried off and on and also checked the filter

salma modan
April 2013
Went bang, nothing working. Checked the plug fuse.

March 2013
On the E5 error, I tried blowing into the pressure switch and it worked a treat. Longest part of the job was getting the door and panel off to get access. Many thanks.

February 2012
no fault code, but unable to select program

October 2011
the dishwasher showing E1 and beeping any ideas

September 2010
unable to select any program except P4 but the program time does not show 1hour 40 min

A Steel
May 2010
I Have a belling 604 and iam getting a e2 code
It doesnt drain eithercan anybody help?

paul Hutchinson
February 2010
when my dishwasher is pluged in not nessassarally on it gives me electric shock when i touch the sink and the dishwasher also it trips the power when running an now its sending electric to other things plug into the sam plug i have pulled it out and tried it in a different plug and the same thing occurs , i tried to earth the dishwasher but it just tripped the power as soon as it is plugged in any suggestions

russell york
November 2009
having error message e4 ?

September 2009
E2 ??what does this mean

June 2009
hi julie.
we got the slim version of the belling, but the problem seems to be the same. got some very loud strange noises over the last couple of days and now it won't work at all, it just keeps beeping at me.
could you scan the instructions for me if you get a chance, that would be great.

October 2008
Our Belling has been nothing but trouble since we had it.
It kept stopping halfway through its cycle until I accidentally pushed the grab switch at the top of the door. It worked after that except it kept on going after we opened the dorr.

NOW it simply won't work. Changed the fuse, then the plug.

Any ideas?

September 2008
Does any one have a PDF version of the owner manual for this dishwasher?
best regards

November 2007
Hi guys

I am also having this problem, I did read the manual and it said something about checking the drainage pipes/pump. It has just recently occured after having the machine for around 3 years. My father and I opened up the dishwasher which was more time consuming, than technically difficult and checked the pipes/pump which all appeared clear. Im guessing I could be having the same problem as Pete, although i'm not sure its a problem with the water flow pressure??. The dishwasher makes a loud intermittent sound that clearly indicates a problem.....

January 2007
Update - 13/11/06

Service Engineer called today from Glen Dimplex Home appliances (Belling's approved service Engineer). He was here for 30 minutes and knew exactly what it was. The problem connected with my 'E5' Error was a 'faulty pressure switch', the device that controls water flow. It was accessed from behind the front panel floor plate and was an orange/red piece of plastic about 2" in diameter with a number of electrical contacts. He pulled that out, put the replacement in, switched on again and hey presto I'm repaired.

Not cheap £79.90, but he didn't charge for the pressure switch and now I'm working again.

In the end, the waste pipe, cyphon and filters were not blocked which was suggested by the manual.

If anyone's at their wits end, you can contact Glen Dimplex on 0870 444 9919.


November 2006
Got the same message on my IDW603 today (7/11/06). Worked fine for about 4 minutes and then reported a 'E5' error. I cleaned the filter out and tried again, no joy. I must say during the first 4 minutes its working it makes quite a loud noise so something's not right. I haven't checked the waste pipe on mine as it's at the back of the unit and the whole thing is boxed in to my kitchen units, making it a nightmare to take out and put back in.

I've telephoned Belling and have arranged for a service engineer to call out next monday @ £79 plus parts. I'm preying the pump hasn't gone. If it has I hope they take plastic.

Funny isn't it, before we bought this a little over 13 months ago, we had a basic, zanussi free standing machine which was still working well after 10 years use. I only got rid of it as we were 'modernising' our kitchen.

I'm not impressed at all.

Best to All


P Dean
November 2006
Hi Shelley

The Dishwasher you have is the bain of my life!!! I was getting the same error message one week after the warranty ran out!! It means that there could be a blockage somewhere, or more likely the pump has gone. I left mine off for weeks whilst trying to decide what to do and thought I'd give it one more go and it worked!!! Can't explain it though I do have to bleach it periodically as it gets a bit black and mouldy, not right I know, but a replacement would cost a fortune. I was advised not to bother with Belling again and go for Hotpoint which would cost about £550!!! I have just linked up with the hot water pipe and hope that makes a difference as i don't think it is heating the water, hence the mould and is doesn't dry either, I do have instructions if you want a copy.

Julie Board
April 2006


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