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how-to repair car cd player?

why won't my cd player accept the cd's.

A cd got stuck and wouldn't eject so i was forced to pull it out with needle-nose pliers. Ever since then the device won't take in a cd and load it

clayton evans
January 2004
try hittin the reset bottom or des connecte cd playerf plug it back in it will reset it if that no work new cd player

April 2010
My car cd player will not play any burned cds. It will only play ones that were store bought. Is there anything I can do to get it to play one that I have burned?

March 2008
Funny 1st answer! You need a new Cd drive. What kind of player do you have? I have many pioneer parts. Good luck, ssonimac@yahoo

January 2005
Can't get those cd's to go in after yanking a stuck one with a pliers? Just hammer it in with the heel of your shoe...

December 2004


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