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can sum1 help me?

i have a goodmans 2gb mp3 player whcih tells me there is no memory altho there is ? i dont have the guarentee no more so what can i do ?

paul smith
February 2006
you can sell on ebay ? how come ?
they accept broken mp3 plyer, computer keyboards, bikes, headphones (i have 3 pairs and i don't know what ot do with them), etc ?

February 2006
The problem with goodmans products is thay don't work!! if you have no recipt don't worry, take it back anyway, they will replace it if it's boxed, some stores like argos still have a sticker on the side of the box with the cataloge number on so there is no disputing you got it from there. As for the player its self, sell it on ebay or somewere and buy a ipod maybe not a mini or a daddy if your skint, but a shuffle, thay work perfect and itunes rocks! good luck

Sark Mlade
February 2006

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