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How can I fix my Carl Lewis Fitness MOT25 moterised Treadmill?

I require another motor for my Carl Lewis Fitness MOT 25 Motorised Treadmill. It is called a Greenmaster DC Motor GM118-1

Jackie Holmes
July 2009
Has anybody got a Greenmaster DC Motor GMD118-1 please?

April 2016
ok eeps if you have a noisy motor,get new bearings from simply bearings,my greenmaster has 6203z and 608z;all the greenmaster are probably the same.fix it yourself or take 2 a garage probably only cost you 30 quid

michael cooper
March 2015
i do brushes for roger black £9.50 07519323940

February 2013
I need a greenmaster dc motor GMD118-1 and a drive belt. Anyone have one or know where I can buy one still? Thanks .

David Bray
February 2012
i had same problem with brushes and was shocked to find new brushes were going to cost me £25 thats ridiculas, a bit of searching though and i found a much better price of only a tenner, see

May 2011
My Carl Lewis motor has stopped, sll the electronics are fine, belt ok etc. I think it is definitely the motor, but reading the responses on this question I haven't checked the brushes...Where are the brushes on the Carl lewis treadmill.?
Also has anyone successfully replaced the motor on the treadmill by themselves, and where did you source the motor from?

March 2011
contact or telephone 07900467675. He helped me get a new motor for my treadmill.

March 2011
Hi... We moved home recently and the treadmill was in the garage for 2 month... Moved it upstairs today and it's not working.... No power it it at all!! Please help :-(

January 2011
my tread mill moter wont stop its on high reves whats rong is the moter us and if so were can i get a new one or recondistioned one

December 2010
my treadmill has started making funny noises ive isolated to the Greenmaster DC Motors GMD118-1 the motor still works can any one help?

Daniel Widdowson
June 2010
I have a brand new set of brushes for the Green master GMD 118-1 motor. for sale cost £35 sell for £25
I am after a complete motor if anyone has one?

February 2010
my Greenmaster motor just died with similar problems - where can i get new brushes?

February 2010
where can i buy the new brushes for this treadmill, motor ( GREENMASTER GMD 118-1 ) Thanks

January 2010
hi, my treadmill went bust today. It stopped working after an hours use. The motor runs but kind of stops starts (more like a stutter). Should I replace the brushes?

Sanjay UK
November 2009
I just repaired such a treadmill, with report of motor not working. All that was amiss was that the motor brushes were warn out, replaced in 10 min job.
In this case the motor would stop /start if the belt was moved.
1 DISCONNECT mains plug
2 Check you have DISCONNECTED mains plug.
3 Unscrew the small screws (Prob, 6) of motor cover.
4 Slide off cover.
5 Unscrew black plastic motor brush plugs(2)
6 Pop out old brushes, insert new ones.
7 Replace plugs,cover and screws.

Ken J H
October 2009
Hi Steve, my motor has just blown too!!! Do you still have any motors left and how much are they please?



September 2009
I have got some Greenmaster DC Motors GMD118-1Let me knowf its of interest.

September 2009
Did you ever get an answer, as I need a new one for mine too?



August 2009
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