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gardenline irrigation timer GL200 ?

I have lost my instructions for my "Gardenline irrigation timer GL200" which I bought from Aldi in May this year and I'm having a devil of a time trying to contact someone for a pdf or paper manual, I wonder if you could help please?
Thank you

July 2009
Hallo habe meine Bedienungsanleitung verloren! Wer kann mir da helfen bzw. eine Kopie per email zukommen lassen? mit freundlichen Grüßen Josef

Josef Pieler
June 2021
Ive lost mine too! Can anyone send me a copy please?

May 2011
Dave Taylor, that would be great, could you copy and paste it here please as I'm not sure about posting my email address! thanks very much.

September 2009
I bought one about the same time and have still got the leaflet which i can copy for you

Dave Taylor
September 2009
Thanks Ed already tried them re: my previous answer, but thanks anyway.

July 2009
Thank you David McKean that would be fantastic as I've still been unable to contact the right people "oh , we don't deal with that particular item"!
Now How do I send you my email address without printing it here?

July 2009
HI, if you feel comfortable about sending me your email address, i can scan my copy of the instructions, and email it to you

David McKean
July 2009
phone +800 34996753

July 2009


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