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Help my 1994 Cadillac Eldorado!!!!!?

I need some advice from anyone who knows about Cadillacs. Everything was fine than one day I tried to pull out the driveway and as soon as I hit the gas pedal it died out. I can't even move the car because this happened every time now my starter went out too. I know the starter needs to be replaced but I still cannot figure out why the car kept dying out when you hit the gas. PLEASE anyone give me some clues.

September 2004
Air intake sensor is a MAT sensor but it would only turn on the check egine lite with some fuel milage problems .....knowing GM its proably a fuel pump gone south
and as far as the starter its under the intake manifold .......if its a north star..

November 2005
There is a thing on most Chevrolet and GM cars that have what they call a, "Air intake sensor" or something like it. I had a camaro that use to do the same thing to me and it ended up needing the sensor for the air-intake monitor changed. I know it sounds weird, but after I changed it and it worked I never questioned weird things like that ever again.
The way I found it out was by going to my neighborhood Auto Zone and getting a manual based on how to find out what was wrong with the vehicle myself instead of paying a mechanic a lot of money to just hook it up to a machine. You get this manual that has codes that will flash up on your dash to let you know what the problem is and where it is. You just follow some easy steps and it will tell you. That simple!
Good luck!

Dee Dee
August 2005

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