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Mend Security Systems, Home Alarm Systems
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Mend Security Systems, Home Alarm Systems

had power failure now alarm not working?

neighbour cut electric power to my house while working on his drive. i had no electric for 5 hours. my alarm was on at the time, when i returned home my panel on the scantronic series 3200, (modern alarms system) said 'lb' call engineer. The manual book showed that lb ment low battery. so as the alarm is 18 years old we thought the battery back up must have died on us, as we have never changed this external backup in all those years. so i ordered a new battery backup, thinking that all i had to do was replace the battery and the problem would be sorted. but no, when we replaced the battery all we got then was a blank panel, with no lights on, not even the power light or the fault light, which were both on before we changed the battery. we cannot set the alarm or do anything to get it to work. i don't want to have to pay out for an engineer. we have checked the fuses they are all ok. is there anyone who can please give us advise. thank you

June 2009
Make sure the new battery is fully charged before installing

November 2009
Try powering down the system mains first the battery.
Then connect the battery first followed by the mains supply.

Pete alarm engineer
June 2009

call me i will try to advise

gerry 07817389252

June 2009


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