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How do I disassemble Dyson DC17 to replace long hose? ?

Amazing Vacume, just need to replace a torn hose. Ordered the part. Don't want to break the case taking it apart to replace it.

May 2009
Thank you, John, for "the secret"! I spent half the day trying to track down an answer online and this was the piece missing from other solutions. I now have the machine seperated from the hose and am ready to install the replacement.

July 2013
OK I figured it out! The trick is the hose itself. We'll get to that in a minute. One get it up on a table if you can, makes it a little easier. Uncoil the power cord. Remove the lower power cord hook by carefully prying off from one side. Remove the lower transition tube. You know the one when something's stuck in there. Remove the fixtures from the top of the hose. Now for the secret: You will see the protective cover on the end of the hose is made to be removed. Remove both the outer and inner end pieces by carefully prying. Almost done: Finally, you'll see the end of the hose connected at the lower end, it too can be pryed loose: JUST DO IT. VIOLA the hose just slides through the opening. Install in reverse order and enjoy your DYSON Animal :^)

June 2009

has lots of pictures and text but not for the US specific DC17 model...

May well see similarities in hose fixing on the models featured though...

Good luck...

May 2009


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