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How do I change drum belt on Hotpoint 9326?

I have a Hotpoint Reversomatic 9326 Aquarius drying System electric european style tumble dryer. It is about 10 years old. The belt broke. I bought two new ones, a pol 40 and a pol 52. Which one is correct?

To place belt around drum, I tried to take front cover off dryer with no success. How do I do it?

I have looked at various web sites with no luck. I also need to know how the belt loops around the pulleys. There are 2 pulleys and the motor.

Julian D'Arcy
December 2003
thanks 4 the tip allan,saved myself a few quid by doing it myself! the belt change that is. cheers!!!!!!

colin, newry
June 2005
Remove the bottom left plate at the back of the machine (as viewed from the back). This is held in place with 6 screws. Remove the top of the machine by removing the two screws at the top of the back of the machine, then sliding the lid backwards and lift off. To remove the front panel first gently pull off the timer dial to reveal 4 screws. Remove the 2 that hold the facia panel on. Then carefully tap out the plastic pegs that are holding the rest of the facia plate on. It may be easier if you grease the ends first as they are held in place with tapered metal collars. When the facia panel is removed you can remove the 3 screws that hold the front panel in place. Carefully pull the front panel forward while supporting the drum (it may be easier with two people, but I managed by myself). Loop the new belt over the drum then push the front panel back into place and replace the retaining screws. Reach through the hole where you removed the first panel from at the back and loop the belt over the motor spindle grooved side innermost. Then hold apart the 2 spring loaded tensioner wheels and position the belt between them. From the top of the machine gently rotate the drum (in either direction) to ensure the belt is not twisted (you will probably be able to see a line rubbed into the surface of the drum showing where the belt has run before). To refit the front facia carefully thump the plastic pegs back into the tapered metal collars and replace the screws behind the timer dial and push the dial back into place. Refit lid and rear plate and you have fixed your machine. It this answer had been available the other night I would have saved myself about 2 hours trying to figure out how to get the front panel off. Enjoy!!!

Allan - Somerset
December 2004
I am trying to change the drum belt on my Hotpoint 9326 tumble dryer. Have located the new belt as being HPT179315. This checks with web supplier and number on belt.
Open the spring loaded tension wheels and place the belt between them and then hook around motor shaft.
My present problem is getting the belt onto the drum. Looks like you have to take the front off.
Has anyone any ideas on this point?

Alan Crawley
October 2004
i have the same dryer with the same problem you have to take the top off as well as the back . thats all i know im sorry. im trying to fix mine as well with out success

sharren uk
May 2004


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