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how can i fix my LG intellowasher 7.5kg WM-1222ofd?

my washing machine has OE on the display? what does this mean?

Mrs. Elcoat
January 2006
when mine does that i empty the drain filter at the bottom left of the machine. its a bit faffy and takes a while to empty before you can remove the filter, but it usually does the trick. once or twice i've had to retrieve baby socks from just behind the filter too.
the book says it could be the drain hose kinked or clogged too, but its never been the problem for me.
othere that the OE message every couple of months its been a good machine, had it 2 years and it washes for 8 of us.

August 2008
Your problem is probably electronics related. We have an LG intellowasher 7.5kg which has never worked OK from new.Problems appear to be electronics.New electronics board costs about $300.00 ,but in no time similar problems come back. Some repair people shake there heads when told your problems.Unfortunately these machines are just lemons.LG not much help.

January 2006

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