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How do I fix a water softener?

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Sears/Kenmore Ultra Soft 200 water softener
Model # 625.388250

I use the pebble salt( about the size/diameter of a penny or nickel. There are salt level indicators inside the tank, 1-thru 8. The salt does not move below level 6, and is all hardened together. You can still see the individual shapes of the pebble/pcs, but they are stuck together, hard as a rock. I have heard that there is a phone # that you can call (Sears) and they will walk you through it. but since I didn't have any luck with them previously with my dishwasher , & paid for a housecall, I thought I would try this website 1st, as it did sucessfully help me to get my dishwasher working again.

March 2009
Hi I am a softener distributor I call this situation of the salt becoming one piece bridging. I tell my customers to use the Morton pellets (rounded pisces) they dont shelf so much>>>>> Chris

Chris Bowser
January 2010

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